Friday, 28 March 2014 22:20

Video: "Ponente a zig zag".


"We now expect a trip to the bird with WEST AND A ZIG ZAG (time: 4 ' 31'' ) , in the unique setting of Savona and Imperia : a " social video made by the community " where the protagonists are friends the facebook group " the most beautiful villages of Liguria " : they, with their photos to reveal multiple identities and wonderful villages of the Ligurian Riviera . This is the ideal region for the eternal undecided, for those who want to travel the paths refreshed by the sea breeze, or the most alpine of the nearby mountains " blown " by the north wind . And then we try to gloss over these lands with the mind , from the Red Leaps , next to the French border , and head to Noli, the length and breadth of Western Liguria . Ventimiglia , Bordighera , Sanremo, Ceriana , Apricale , Dolceacqua , Pinecone, Finalborgo, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena are just some of the villages in this journey we will encounter a bird .
Technique & Creativity : the creation of the video I used only frames and captions , succeeding with only technical direction of movement to talk literally the images , so that they are able to tell a bird's journey , thanks to a pleasant visual effect of panoramic obtained from a " flight simulator " which fly over the western Liguria . Thanks to Ken Burns effect , the image moves across the screen giving a feeling more dynamic than a still image".

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